Health Insurance and the College Student


If your child is on you or your spouse’s insurance plan, find out
what age your child’s coverage is terminated. Most plans stop
covering children once they turn 18, but many do cover your child
if they go to college or up to age 24. Depending on your plan, this
extension may be granted automatically or you may need to apply for
it, so make sure you know what to expect. If your child’s coverage
can be extended, you then need to make sure that is a physician
near the school that will accept the plan. This won’t be a problem
if your child is living at home or attending a local college, but
it could be a problem if he’s going away to school in another town
or state and living on campus or an apartment. This is especially
important to investigate if you’re in an HMO or PPO, which will
want your child to use one of its primary care physicians. You will
need to make sure that there is a doctor available in the town he
or she will be in. If one isn’t available, you’ll need to contact
the plan and talk to a representative about your alternatives. Your
plan may have a point-of-service option that allows your child to
visit a doctor who is not on the plan at a higher cost to you but
at least offers some coverage.

If an extension on your plan is not possible or college-aged
children are not covered, check to see if the college offers a
student plan. If it does, be sure to take a close look before your
child signs up, make sure everything they might need is covered at
a reasonable rate. Many of these plans are inexpensive and look
really good at first, but often the coverage is very limited and
the child is left to go with out some very important care or pay
out of pocket. If you need to start from scratch and end up having
to purchase insurance for your child, be sure to shop around. When
getting quotes, remember to state that the plan is for a student,
there may be special rates. With the major cost of schooling alone,
adding health care just ups the cost. If your child holds a job,
they might be eligible for health benefits through there, which can
decrease the cost of private insurance if they aren’t covered on
your plan. It is better to have a plan then be caught paying out
for an emergency.

Health insurance for college students is not an extravagance, young
and healthy as they may be. Active students have a high rate of
injury, and viruses can sweep quickly through college dorms.
Happily, the cost of student health insurance is very reasonable. A
college student away from home without health insurance can easily
spend more money on health care for an influenza outbreak or other
illness and a broken leg than the cost of a student health
insurance policy itself. A permanent, renewable individual medical
insurance plan that is designed specifically for college students
under the age of 30 can be easily obtained from most good insurance
companies. You can also keep renewing the plan when you are no
longer in college and keep it up to the age of 65 in some cases.
These plans are great and not overly expensive and a way to have
coverage that extends out of school and isn’t employer controlled.

The Student Select plan is a simple, affordable and easy plan to
obtain by parents and older students alike. You choose the plan
that best meets your child’s needs and budget and are covered from
receipt of first payment. Your child also has the freedom to choose
his or her own doctor or hospital and not have to follow a bunch of
strict guidelines as with some companies. If he or she decides to
transfer schools, their Student Health Insurance coverage moves
with them, so you don’t have to worry about them losing coverage.
This coverage will make sure your child gets everything they need
while attending college in the United States or Canada. Not just
during the school term either, but all year round. If for some
reason your child has to leave school, Student Select stays with
them for the remainder of the policy year and then it’s guaranteed
renewable. Where most college plans only cover a child until he or
she graduates or very shortly after, Student Select can be renewed
as long as it’s needed.

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Health Insurance and the College Student

DISCLAIMER: This information is for educational and informational
purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for
professional advice. Always seek the advice of a licensed Insurance
Agent or Broker with any questions you may have regarding any
Insurance Matter.

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