Five Tips to Trim your Medical Expenses and Save


With the rising cost of healthcare, medications, and insurance, it
isn’t surprising that people are trying to figure out ways to avoid
getting sick and choosing a better lifestyle to lower insurance
costs. There is actually quite a bit one can do to help save same
cash. It is just a matter of tweaking ones lifestyle choices and
preventing health issues from arising or keeping the immune system
up so you just don’t get as sick as much. For those people who are
seriously sick of high medical premiums and paying out the nose
year round for doctor’s visits and medications, this should be a
great thing. Small things make a world of difference when it comes
to your health.

1) Stop smoking is the biggest one. Not only do you get sicker than
the average person, it is worse. Many smokers are treated for
several bouts of bronchitis and pneumonia each year. Smoking also
makes you susceptible to colds and other infection. You will also
pay a higher premium on your insurance and in some cases won’t get
covered in full for cigarette related illnesses or diseases. Plus
the money you save from quitting can go to bigger and better things
than your medical issues.

2) Avoid excessive alcohol use, it lowers the immune system. People
who consume more than 3-4 alcoholic beverages in a week are at far
greatest risk of catching a viral or bacterial infection. Even if
you do most of your drinking at home where you are safe from others
germs, you still are very susceptible. Once the immune system has
lowered its defenses you are risk anywhere you have to go and even
in your home if you live with others who leave the house. Drinking
excess alcohol can also lead to other very expensive health issues,
such as liver disease or alcoholism. To be diagnosed and treated
for chronic liver problems can and does cost deep in the pocket.
Not to mention once you have this getting medical insurance with
another company will be very hard and costly for a pre-existing
condition. Plus current insurance premiums could rise now that you
have a chronic condition.

3) Eat a healthy and nutritious diet to maintain your body’s
strength and vitality. The type of foods one puts in their mouth
can be the difference between life and death in some cases. Eating
right and getting all the nutrients and vitamins can severely
reduce the risk of many diseases. Cutting out fatty, fried foods
can keep your heart and circulatory system strong and healthy, and
lower your risk of a heart attack and/or stroke. Many vitamins and
minerals found in food also promote a strong immune system, which
can help keep you infection free more often. Just adding more zinc
to your diet can help boost your immune system enough to prevent
catching colds and flues.

4) Get plenty of exercise. The better tone and condition your body
is in the less likely you are to get sick or have weight related
health issues. It is very important to get exercise to keep your
body happy and healthy, and prevent your money from going to
undesired medical treatments. Regular and consistent exercise can
help prevent heart related health problems later on in life. It
promotes a better circulatory system and stronger heart muscle.
Exercise also promotes better oxygen intake, which helps the lungs
become more efficient. Also increased oxygen aids in better
metabolism and can keep weight in check and reduce other illnesses
like asthma and diabetes.

5) Make sure you have time or make time for rest and relaxation.
Keeping healthy also includes staying happy. Reduce your stress,
get plenty of sleep each night, and have leisure time. It is
important to enjoy life and do things that ease tension and promote
happiness. Proper rest and fun can cut down the risk of developing
mental issues such as depression or anxiety that can cost much
money in treatment and control of the disorder. Having that balance
in ones life can really promote great mental health and clarity.
Being burnt out or stressed out is associated with many disorders
such as depression, anxiety, ulcers and other stomach issues,
headaches, and insomnia. All of these ailments that can be
prevented will save you tons of money on doctors visits, tests and

DISCLAIMER: This information is for educational and informational
purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for
professional advice. Always seek the advice of a licensed Insurance
Agent or Broker with any questions you may have regarding any
Insurance Matter.

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